Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I order a back issue of Racer X? 

    Back issues can be purchased from Supplies are limited; availability cannot be guaranteed.

Digital Edition Questions

  • How do I view my digital issue?

    With each new issue, you’ll get an email containing a link to your Digital Bookstand, where you can access your previous issues alongside your newest issue. Please make sure to keep your email address up to date in our system.
    If you are having trouble finding the digital edition link in your email, please check your Spam folder to make sure it didn’t end up there! Search for the email address and you should find an email from us within the first week or two of the month. If you still can’t find the link, please contact us at We can help you troubleshoot. 

  • I’m having trouble accessing my digital edition:
    • If you are having trouble logging into your digital account, please email and someone from our customer support team will troubleshoot the problem.
  • Is there an app for the digital edition?

    We do not have an app, but when viewing the site in your browser on your phone or tablet, you will be able to save a shortcut icon to your home screen that will mimic an app.

Subscription Questions

  • What is an Automatic Renewal?

    Automatic renewal service means you never have to worry about renewing or missing an issue. It also means we can save a ton of money by not needing to send renewal reminder, which ensures you get the lowest possible rate!

    You can turn off automatic renewals by visiting your account settings and unchecking the auto-renew box.
    You can update your credit card information or pay an invoice in your subscription manager as well. 

  • When will I receive my first issue?

    For domestic orders, please allow 6-8 weeks for your first copy of Racer X to arrive. For international orders 10-12 weeks.

  • What if I missed an issue?

    We do make every effort to get the magazine in your hands before it goes on the newsstand, but sometimes there are unavoidable delays with the post office. There are several reasons why you may not get your issue:

    1. Please visit your account settings to confirm your mailing address is correct, your payment has been received and that your order or renewal has been processed. If you mailed in a renewal or payment, please be sure to check your bank account to see if the payment was processed before reaching out.  

       Your expiration date is printed on the label of every issue of your magazine. To ensure you don't miss an issue, please renew at least one month before your expiration date. Please keep in mind that your expiration issue will arrive the month before the actual month of expiration. 

      If everything is correct and up to date in your account and you still haven't received your issue, please contact us via email and include your name and address:

      International subscribers please note: Due to various problems and high shipping costs, we are no longer mailing out a physical replacement to our international subscribers. We would be happy to extend your subscription by the qty. of missing issue(s) or if you're set on having a physical copy, we’d be happy to send it. We just ask that you pay shipping costs. 
  • When does my subscription expire?

    The expiration date of your subscription can be found on the upper right-hand corner of your magazine label or by visiting your account settings.

  • How do I update my payment information?

    You can pay an invoice or update your credit card/billing information here.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    We hate to see you go! If there is anything we can do to keep you in the Racer X family, please send an email to We'd love to keep you as a reader!

    If you must cancel, visit your account settings and click edit, cancel subscription. Your subscription will be cancelled after all remaining issues are delivered.

  • Why am I receiving duplicate issues?

    Duplicate copies are usually received when a renewal is placed and either the name or mailing information doesn’t match what we currently have on file. When there is a variance in the entered information the system will create a separate new subscription. If you are receiving duplicate copies please email